The modern online business globe is basically characterized by high mobility, structural modify, markets in competition, differentiated customer needs, changing social values ??and complex legal framework. Certain legal queries can then be answered only by qualified authorities within the field. Who makes business enterprise choices, must have know-how own that go beyond the claim of a classic enterprise education. Conversely, enterprise expertise for demanding activities in businesses or associations is essential.

The Bachelor program is primarily based on these mixed specifications and gives each legal and home business information with regard to the later use in senior positions of economic and management practice at national and international level. The profile is en by Social Science and Economics, Quantitative Methods and languages ??rounded. Subject-related important qualifications supply job-relevant capabilities and deliver insight into future activities.

most beneficial circumstances for the transition to an fascinating process field global corporations, associations or foundations – with regard to international technical and managerial tasks, the BSEL gives the chance to finish an internship abroad.

professions.In the interface involving economics and law, the course supplies small business law profession paraphrase and summarize prospects in the traditional organization areas of activity that demand unique legal know-how and are tailored to the requires of company practice. Graduates are specifically in demand in human sources or legal departments in contract management or compliance departments in insurance coverage companies and banks, as well as consulting firms, associations and foundations.Even additional study programs is often recorded with this conclusion, z. As the Master of Arts in Enterprise Law in an international context of BSEL.

Plan Structure.The Bachelor’s degree in Business Law includes a frequent study period of seven semesters. The course is divided into a three-semester initially cycle and a four-semester sophomore section. In the sixth semester a mandatory internship is provided which may be completed abroad. Ahead of graduation, students understand content material and solutions in projects and apply the internship to real challenges.Initially aspect.Home business Administration Management Accounting and Tax Private Home business Law Public Law and Industrial Criminal Law General economics statistics.Key qualifications.Foreign casework.Second stage of study core.Strategic Management Project labor law and its collective bargaining arrangements corporate and group law.Deepening organization administration occupations:Operating taxes finance personnel management and organizational style accounting / controlling operations management.Deepening economic law five of your following eight subjects are to be chosen.Current issues of industrial law competition law and intellectual home law contracts banking and credit security law with the international and European economy, targeted traffic enforcement and insolvency law Environmental and Technology Law Legal elements of details technologies.Selection research elective.Crucial qualifications.Foreign negotiation and mediation / communication and interaction at operate.